Our products

  • MERCATOR gogrip is a revolutionary specialist powder-free nitrile glove with a unique 3D diamond texture. It has thicker walls to provide a secure grip and offer protection during work in greasy, humid or moist conditions. This ensures excellent comfort and efficiency of work. The gloves are available in two colour options: black and orange.

  • Mercator is a manufacturer of basic and specialist gloves and has been present on the global market for 30 years.

    The Mercator Medical Group is a manufacturer of medical gloves and a distributor of single-use medical materials. With nearly thirty years of experience, it is a recognised brand in the medical industry, based on Polish capital. As a manufacturer it sells to almost 70 countries worldwide, and as a distributor it operates in the markets of Europe and Russia. Mercator Medical is one of the most important players in Poland and a major player in the international arena, with systematic geographic expansion in single-use product markets. It offers around 120 own products and products of internationally renowned brands.


    Composition of the Mercator Medical Group

    The Mercator Medical Group consists of the parent company Mercator Medical S.A. and its subsidiaries. The parent company coordinates and supervises the operations of individual subsidiaries as a decision-making body for matters concerning the development and implementation of the company’s strategy. The most important subsidiaries of Mercator Medical S.A. are:

    • Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. with its registered office in Thailand
    • Mercator Medical TOB with its registered office in Ukraine
    • Mercator Medical s.r.l. with its registered office in Romania
    • Mercator Medical OOO with its registered office in Russia
    • Mercator Medical s.r.o. with its registered office in the Czech Republic
    • Mercator Medical KFT. with its registered office in Hungary
    • Mercator Medical GmbH with its registered office in Germany
    • Mercator Medical Italia Srl with its registered office in Italy

    Mercator Medical products reach all continents, especially North America, as well as countries where demand for single-use materials is growing rapidly as occupational health and safety awareness increases (South America, Asia, Middle Eastern countries).

    The European part of the Group is focused on the promotion and sale of disposable medical devices, mainly gloves, disposable clothing and surgical drapes. It has an organised distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and trading partners in the United Kingdom, Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Serbia, Georgia, Lithuania, Belarus and other European countries.

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