About the Mercator Group

The Mercator Group is a manufacturer of medical gloves and a distributor of single-use medical materials. With nearly thirty years of experience, it is a recognisable brand in the medical industry. It was built from scratch in Poland, using Polish capital. As a manufacturer it sells to almost 70 countries worldwide, and as a distributor it operates in the markets of Europe and Russia. It is one of the most important players in the country and a major player in the international arena, carrying out systematic expansion in new markets. It offers around 120 own products, many of which are made at the Mercator factory, which was built from the ground up in Thailand, in compliance with the highest standards and with full quality control.

Our gloves reach many markets in the world

Factory in Thailand

Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of high-quality disposable nitrile and natural rubber latex diagnostic and protective gloves. It offers gloves suitable for the medical, industrial, food and automotive sectors, including gloves for procedures with increased risk of infection. The company sells its products on the global market and delivers them to the individual companies of the Mercator Medical Group.

What are the unique strengths of the Mercator Group?

  • Specialisation

    Mercator Medical (Thailand) Ltd. specialises in the production of protective gloves and medical protective gloves. With two factories, we can make both latex and nitrile gloves at the same time.

  • Standards

    We respect our employees and the natural environment. We care for the high quality of our products, as evidenced by the certificates we have obtained and the standards we comply with.

  • Certificates

    • Good Manufacturing Practice
    • FDA 510(k) registration
    • Thai FDA
    • CE Certificate for medical gloves
    • EU type-examination certificate
    • International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001 / ISO 13485
  • Environmental protection

    We try to protect the natural environment every day. Our development strategy and the business model we have adopted are based on the fundamental premise: “We have only one planet and its natural capital is limited, so we have to take care of it”. We believe that it is our joint mission, and we accept the responsibility for introducing sustainable solutions.