gogrip green

Nitrile gloves with a revolutionary, distinct diamond texture.

Specialist protective gloves for a more secure grip, with increased resistance to viruses, fungi, bacteria and selected chemicals. Ideal for use in gardening, agriculture, fruit-farming, processing or the chemical industry.

Important Features

3D diamond texture

Ensures precision and increased grip when working in harsh and wet conditions. Thanks to the innovative, pyramid-shaped texture, the gloves provide a stable grip on any tool.

Resistance to viruses

Resistant to viruses, fungi and bacteria in conformity with the American standard ASTM F1671 and European standard EN ISO 374-5. Provide excellent protection for employees. Having been successfully tested for conformity to both standards and for penetration by the Phi X174 bacteriophage in accordance with EN ISO 16604, the product can be regarded as providing effective protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Approved for contact with food

Safety confirmed by certificates, with the gloves offering limited transmission of contaminants from the employee’s hands to food, as well as from food to the employee’s hands. The gloves conform to EU regulations approving them for use in contact with food, and they can be used in the food processing industry.

Resistant to selected chemicals

MERCATOR gogrip gloves are classified as personal protective equipment of cat. III type B according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. That is why they have high chemical resistance to selected substances according to EN ISO 374-1:2016. Thanks to their chemical resistance, these gloves can be used in environments where the user is exposed to contact with selected chemicals (in agriculture when spraying fruit and vegetables).

3 x thicker

for higher glove strength and stretchability. Also, thanks to the thicker walls, the gloves are suitable for longer work in more difficult conditions. Perfect for prolonged use. The increased thickness also allows for greater resistance to chemicals.

Comfortable use

the diamond structure increases the surface inside the glove, which improves air circulation and reduces hand sweating.

Comfortable work

better grip and increased dexterity ensure enhanced comfort at work compared to standard industrial gloves.

One glove, many applications

These gloves are ideal for agricultural applications, harvesting vegetables and fruit, spraying plants, as well as working in greenhouses, planting and pruning. Also suitable for the processing industry, milk production, and also for use in the chemical and automotive industries.



Harvesting of fruit and vegetables

Processing industry

Chemical industry

Cleaning industry